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was shuttered Craigslist remained one of the only places guys could get away with totally straight forward posts saying things like Im visiting for two days, and honestly just looking for a no strings attached sex partner for a quick romp. The let the women who will look over their profiles on the sites know about their main interests and personalities right up front. Whats special about the Wan Chai freelancers bars is that most of the girls are only around part of the time. Regular customers know that the pictures listed on the various walk up listing websites do not always match the women actually working inside. Known as the Uber of escorting the site features both independent escorts and agency employees in Hong Kong. With all of that said Im going to break down some of the options available to show you just why Hong Kong is one of the easiest places in the world for guys to score.

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With that all said customers who become regular visitors of the same providers or even just show some compassion and affection can sometimes get more special levels of service. This seems to be even more the case with foreign girls who do not have working visas that would allow them to sell their sexual services legally. On the right nights the concentration of bars in Wan Chai is filled with overworked domestic helpers, usually from the Philippines and Indonesia, looking for some fun and some extra money. Phone numbers are useful but a lot of people in Hong Kong today using messaging apps like Line and WeChat. As mentioned Thai women also work some walk ups as do a few women from regions that belonged to the former ussr. A lot of the walk ups are located in tenement buildings. The idea is that a lot of women arent upfront about their desires even when they are horny as the guys they are dating. That should dispel any myths of Hong Kong as a sexless island of robots. Some even double as high class spas. The service provider gets naked.


Little Asian milf takes 3BBCs too big for her. double your dating lingam massage Even though Hong Kong is located in the heart of Asia a lot of the women who live there can speak at least passable English. The Thai women and others from abroad come in as tourists on visa wavers and work for two or three weeks before going back home. There are seemingly endless options for men to score freebies, engage in pay for play, and enter the murky grey area in between the two. That is especially true when it comes to foreign girls from places like Thailand who can be found at walk-ups on Electric / Java Road among other places. The usual reason given for this is that they believe women who talk about money upfront are heartless money hungry hoes who give poor service as opposed to the sweet semi pros who give a girlfriend experience. Previously using online methods like looking for partners on Craigslists casual encounters section worked for many. Millions use the internet in their everyday lives. I havent even begun to cover the dating scene, hook up scene and commercial sex industry in Hong Kong in full detail. Some common excuses for such a visit include a desire to show a date something in the room or watch a movie. I dont know how true that.

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