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area covering 531 km2. The municipality has a 110 km coastline, only shorter than that of neighboring. The Sulphureous Bath at Sandefjord in Norway. Brunlanes, Hedrum, and, tjølling were forcefully merged into the municipality of Larvik on 4, on, neighboring, lardal was merged into Larvik as part of a nationwide municipal reform. The southernmost point in the municipality is Tvistein Lighthouse in the sea south of Hummerbakken in Brunlanes. However, by population Larvik is the third-most popolous municipality, only smaller than neighboring Tønsberg and Sandefjord. Its population however is spread through the county's largest municipality, and less than 50 reside in the city of Larvik. Et Sted i Sandefjord. Larsen, Erlend (2011). 90 91 The Coastal Path (Kyststien) is a 35 km from Brunlanes to Stavern. Other bodies of water include the lakes Farris, Goksjø and Hallevatnet. 16 Kaupang in Skiringssal is an archeological site where archeologists first discovered burial mounds, and later uncovered the remains of an ancient town.


Best Hookup Sites For You. dating sites free nesoddtangen dating sites free nesoddtangen Larvik is also home to the world's northernmost natural occurrence of Fagus sylvatica forests ( European Beech tree known as Bøkeskogen The Birch Tree Forest. 10, it has the largest spa department in Scandinavia. Larvik panorama Villages edit Harbour in Nevlunghavn, a small fishing village and the southernmost point in mainland Vestfold. There are great stocks of moose ; Larvik has among Norway's highest number of moose. Tønnessen, Johan Nicolay and Arne Odd Johnsen (1982). 29 The population sometimes double during summer weeks due to tourism.

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